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 Tim's Blog 
Friday, March 16 2012

Jesus took twelve men. He called them, trained them, poured his life into them and changed the world! YOU TOO CAN TOUCH THE WORLD as you pour yourself into someone else! I asked the Lord a question after our first day of outreach at Mardi Gras 2012.  "Lord am I really making a difference by coming here to minister at Mardi Gras?"  For the last three years I have had the opportunity to train the bible students at Wings of Life in Mobile, AL and take them out to minister at Mardi Gras. Sometimes the devil will try to tell you that what you are doing really doesn't matter that much. Let's be honest about it.  We all know he tries that on all of us so you are not alone! When I asked the question of the Lord immediately the Holy Spirit spoke to me and said, "The biggest thing you are doing is training and affecting these students for the future!" Amen! I got it. I realized that as one person I can only do so much but as I continue to reproduce myself every year with these students I am affecting the world in ways that I will never know. What did Jesus do? He poured his life into twelve men that turned the world upside down. After the Holy Spirit said this to me He immediately reminded me of what one of last years team members told me earlier in the week. He said, "I had no idea how much what we learned last year impacted me until I was out with some other Christians on another church outreach." He said, "They really had no idea what to do or how to minister soul winning to the lost." He told me, "I was able to show them what to do, and how to witness to others from what I learned the year before." Hallelujah! He went where I may never go and touched people that I will never touch because I touched HIM! The Holy Spirit said to me, "The biggest thing you are doing is training and affecting these students for the future!"

Currently in the month of March I am also teaching the Bibles students of Impact University (at our home church Agape Faith Church) Once again they will go where I may never go and reach people that I could never reach!

Catch the vision men and women of God. Touch someone else today! Help impact someone else today! You can touch the world as you impart something to someone else that the Lord has shown you in the word.  Amen! Let's turn the world upside down by touching OTHERS for Jesus!

Evangelist Tim Sutton

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