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Saturday, September 24 2011
It was approaching midnight on a Saturday night.  A car accident had deterred us in Atlanta, GA where the interstate was blocked by a jack knifed truck.  At around midnight we landed in Atmore, AL.  Although we were 5 hours late for our destination in Pensacola, FL God was right on time. My son Philip jumped out of the van (he was around 14) and ran to speak with a young man who was playing Christian rap music in his car.  The young man was hurting and we ministered to him in the parking lot of the Shell station.  We thought we were late but God is always "right on time"  Before it was over several people that  "just happened" to be from his church showed up in the parking lot while we were praying.  One of them was the son of the Pastor.  He son told his dad, and we ended up ministering several months later in this church in Atmore, AL.  This pastor knew another pastor and referred us to him.  In this church (McCullough Christian Center) in Atmore was a man who worked in radio.  This man put us on the radio in Brewton, AL.  Later that station became 5 stations around the country and two internet stations.  Today (and we are believing for more) we are on stations in Tupelo, MS, Mobile, AL, Scranton, PA, Cherryville, NC, and Kansas City, MO.  In addition our program is heard online every Thursday and Sunday morning and touches untold thousands around the world.  Today the broadcast is touching a potential audience of over 200 million people (not including the internet stations)  We have no idea the thousands this touches around the world.   YOU NEVER KNOW WHO YOU MIGHT BE TOUCHING! That Saturday night we touched one young man in a parking lot, but God saw millions by radio.  Are you touching one today?  You may touch one but God see millions!
Please check our radio page for information on "The Spirit is Moving" radio broadcast in your area.  Would you partner with us?  We are always looking to expand this broadcast.  You can partner with us and bring radio to another station for around $100.00 a month.   We have request from stations right now that would like to air our broadcast!  Are you called to Partner with us to bring all or part of the cost of one of these stations to reach others?  Do you desire to help us reach the world?  Please email us today and let us know what God is saying to you!
You NEVER KNOW who you might be touching
Evangelist Tim Sutton
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Thursday, September 01 2011

Don't Quit! It looks like it can't happen!  It feels like it could never come to pass, but God spoke it to you!  God is in control and all things are possible with him. With God nothing is impossible. (Luke 1:37)Don't grow weary in well doing and quit!  Don't ever give up. You will reap the harvest if you do not faint! (Galatians 6:9)  Several years ago the Lord gave me a message concerning Joseph in Genesis 37.  God gave him a dream that LOOKED IMPOSSIBLE. In fact with man it was impossible. However, we are not dealing with mans impossibilities we are dealing with Gods possibilities.  Nothing is impossible with him! (Luke 1:37)  Even though Joseph couldn't see the end result Joseph was "In the middle of the making of a miracle!"  So are you!  It doesn't look like it but you are on the way.  If you leave your home to travel to a specified destination you cannot see your house.  But wait!  You cant see your destination either!  You are on the way! Keep going! Don't stop!  Don't quit!  You will get there.  "You're in the Middle of the Making of a Miracle!" God spoke it!  God said it!  God showed it to you in his word and he cannot lie! (Numbers 23:19)

Several years ago the Lord gave a word to my Pastor via the ministry of Dr. Jerry Savalle. I believe that today it's for you and me!  "You've come to a place where you've been before.  A place that is hard with no open door.  A place that appears to have no way out.  A place that has caused you to lose your shout. But, remember my child, you've been here before.  I delivered you then, and I'll do it once more.  I know what you need and it's ON ITS WAY. So lift up your hands and begin to say."  "My God is in control and I WILL NOT FRET.  The enemy is a liar and it's not over yet.  The Breakthrough that I need is coming my way, and the faithfulness of God has saved the day." 

Don't Quit! You are in the middle of the making of a miracle!



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