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 Tim's Blog 
Friday, June 24 2011

The Spirit of the Lord quickened this in my heart strongly a few minutes ago.  "GOOD PEOPLE GO TO HELL!  What do you mean Brother Tim?  Let me explain.  At our Mardi Gras outreach in Mobile AL this year we shared with many families and several entire families came to Jesus.  One family that comes to mind was a family from Greenville, AL that had come to Mardi Gras. They were sitting on the steps of an old Presbyterian church on Government Street and we shared our witnessing beads with them. When I asked them if they knew for sure if they would go to heaven they all said the same thing.  First the mother then one by one every one in the family said, "I dont know where I am going?" Please note these were nice people, these were good people, but they had never been told about Jesus.  No one until now, had ever shared the plan of salvation with them. We told them you can know where you are going, and they bowed their heads on the steps of the church and prayed to receive Jesus. The whole family came to Jesus Christ.  They were Good people but good people go to hell.  Many good people have never been told how to receive Jesus!  They simply do not know how to get to heaven.  Jesus said, "You must be born again!" (Read John 3) Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life and no man comes to the father but by me!" (Read John 14:1-4)   Many good people are lost because no one ever told them.  Good people will go to hell because no one ever told them.  Don't stand before God without telling them!  Are there people, friends, family, associates, colleagues that you should tell?  Thank God he has sent us to tell them.  Thanks for partnering with us to take Jesus to the world!

Evangelist Tim Sutton


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Tuesday, June 21 2011

This is my first attempt, but I am excited about the opportunity to share my thoughts in this blog!  William Booth the founder of the Salvation Army said, "why should the devil have all the good music!" I feel the same way!  Technology can be a powerful tool for God when used to promote the ministry.  I am learning new things and always believing that the Holy Ghost is my teacher!  We are attempting at Tim Sutton Ministries to use every tool to win the lost.  For example years ago the Lord began dealing with us about radio.  The first station we were on touched 45,000 people per week as we learned about technology.  Today we are touching 208 million per year by radio not counting our 2 internet sites.  God only knows the number of people who are hearing the good news as we take Jesus to the streets the church and the nations!  I found out this past weekend that the word of faith radio network which we broadcast on is touching (people listening) 134 countries and 2605 cities around the world.  Praise the Lord you can listen 24 hours a day by clicking on   Hallelujah!  Why should the devil have all the good music!  Please go to our radio page and note all the places you can hear our broadcast around the nation.  Thanks so much for all you do to help us proclaim Christ to the world!  You are a blessing!  Please continue to partner with us as the Lord so leads you. 

We will be taking Jesus to the streets, the church, and the nations in Florida in July, TN and NC in August, Florida in September and October, and Texas in November.  Please pray for us as we take Jesus to the world!   Check us out at

For the Harvest of Souls

Evangelist Tim

PS please watch for our video updates on U-tube soon. 

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