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 Tim's Blog 
Friday, October 28 2011

As we came out of Wings of Life on St. Louis street in Mobile we encountered Melvin.  Melvin like so many others at Mardi Gras was sporting his favorite beverage a very large can of beer.  We talked to him about Jesus and shared the love of God.  Melvin respectfully listened as we shared the word and came to a point of decision.  At that point I said, "Melvin let's pray right now and you can ask Jesus to come into your life."  He looked at me and said, "I can't I have this."  He was referring to the large can of beer that up to this point we had completely ignored.  I looked at Melvin and simply said, "Melvin have you ever gone fishing?"  Yes. "Melvin let me ask you this, "Did you ever clean your fish before you caught them?" No!  He looked at me with that look in his eye of what in the world are you talking about! Of course not, he said.  "You cannot clean your fish before you catch them!"  "Exactly I told him!"  You cannot clean your fish before you catch them.  You catch them then you clean them up. Here in lies the problem.  Many people are trying to get "cleaned up" before they come to the Lord.  They think some day I will get right, someday I will be good enough, some day I will get straight then I will come to Jesus!  The problem is someday never comes!  You've not gotten it right yet and you won't get it right on your own! You need him!  The answer is come to Jesus JUST LIKE YOU ARE!  Come with your problems, hurts, addictions, anger, or whatever has bound you and HE will clean you up!  Call on him and come just like you are!  That day Melvin lost his beer can but Melvin came to Jesus.  That very moment he bowed his head and called on the name of Jesus Christ!  What about you?  Have you called on him?  Whoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. (Romans 10:13) What are you waiting on?  Come to Jesus right now just like you are, and HE WILL CLEAN YOU UP! 

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