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I received this testimony from Jessica after we returned home from Midland, TX. "The week before you showed up in Midland,TX I was going through a lot and struggling. It felt like my world was crashing down around me and I didn't knowwhich way to go. I was struggling with my faith and I was struggling with being a single mom. I was struggling with adecision that I in my life. I knew it was the right decision but I didn't want it to be the right decision. Sunday morning came and you preached in the service. We had lunch thenyou preached at the revival service after lunch. I wanted to go home but something was telling me to stay. I stayed and listened and when you started preaching you pointed right at me. You told me that you knew (the Holy Spirit knew it) I was going through hell on earth. That's when the Holy Spirit spoke to me and told me that everything was going to be ok. He told me that I don't need to worry about anything because HE will provide. Right then I knew that I was going to go to every service that week and see what God had in store for me. Now my faith is stronger than ever. I'm so glad that God sent you to Midland." Praise the Lord I am so glad God sent me too! He knows exactly where you are too! It only takes one touch from Jesus to change your world! Let him touch you too!

Jesus Send Someone to Help US!

At a recent SWAT Attack May 2011 in Mooresville NC this testimony came forth!  The team was out early on Saturday morning at Piedmont Pointe Apartments where we held our outreach with Freedom Christian Center.  As they set up the stage a woman approached and asked what was happening.  She told the team that she had just moved there but was happy to see us.  She said her former church where she had attended often did outreach in the streets.  Then she said, "last night a fight broke out in front of my house at in Piedmont Pointe."  She proceeded to tell the team that she prayed said, "God please send someone here and help the people where I live!"  The next morning we showed up to set up and conducted SWAT Attack Outreach.  Hallelujah God is always right on time.  46 souls called on Jesus at Piedmont Pointe that day and received him as Savior!

When the Police Shows Up? 

In Thomasville, NC at Doak Park The PO PO showed up shortly after we started, and I praised the Lord for it! I love it when the police show up because it tells me that the devil is under pressure! By request we turned down our sound one half of one notch, but kept on rolling! When the word came forth 18 souls including men, women, boys, and girls called upon Jesus! During the service the policeman showed up again, but not to shut us down. He joined in the service. He told the Pastor, "you go for it! This is what we need!" He pointed to the church across the street and said, " I am the associate Pastor over there!" Hallelujah! That's just like God! SWAT Attack outreach continues to take out the devil's kingdom and bring souls to Jesus!

Jesus is the Healer!

I received this testimony some time ago, but felt I needed to run it again. Don't forget the same God who touched this childstill heals today! He will heal you too! This mother writes, "When you were in Madisonville speaking at our church youprayed for my hearing impaired son A few days after we spoke he had one of many surgery's to keep his ears working. ( He is missing the muscle that closes the Eustachian tubes) His ear drainage system is non functioning. He had two kinds of hearing loss: nerve damage from the Warrensburg's syndrome and conductive from scar tissue building up and damaging the ear.  After the surgery the doctor told us that our son would probably have to have hearing aids, and he doubted that the surgery would help much. At the post op recheck the doctor said "We have a normal hearing report here!" My mother and I said "Praise the Lord!" and then the doctor embraced me and almost teared up! You see, he has never had a completely normal hearing report! At the best he would improve some after surgery and then go right back where we were. My son who is 6 will tell you with a big smile that Jesus has healed him!"  Amen! God will touch you too! He is the healer of all our diseases! III John 2 says, "Beloved above ALL THINGS I wish that you prosper and be in health even as your soul doth prosper!  He sent his word and healed them!

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